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These are examples of my Car designs.

Please contact me if you would

like to discuss a design of your Car. It starts with a photo.

 My cell 845-797-1829 or email me at


      My Corvette, BMW and Antique Car designs were done for the Car Collector and Corvette Owners.

I don't think you'll find this level of detail anywhere else in the world.  The question I always

get is " how long does it take you to do one?  In the Car Collector section, on average over 35 hours.

Then cost of material; glass varies by manufacturer while the metal cost, copper and

lead follow market prices, the frame cost is size driven. Allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.

"Please keep in mind that I can do most any car in stained glass"

Contact me if you have comments, questions or you want to discuss 

a custom design you have in mind.  Click on...



Corvette Models





Vintage Car Collector